Evening Note:
Dianne Reeves


Dianne Reeves has one of the biggest and best voices going, but it’s her authority over this powerful instrument that gives an evening spent in her company the musical equivalent of a Biblical directive. Thou shalt not flat! Open up thine upper registers and thine lower registers. Honor thy scat. (Even if you’ve brought it all home from Rio.)

We heard Ms Reeves at Grace Rainey Rogers this evening, a venue that Ms Reeves pointed out as being surrounded by the “Egyptian Situation.” We had just received some stupendous news — of vaguely Egyptian proportions — and the match between the good news and Dianne Reeeves’s recital could not have been bettered.

For the rest, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow. (We were burping.) All we can say right now is that Dianne Reeves reinvents every cubic centermeter of her show in the process of performing it. Somebody who knew her work only from recordings would never have understood this evening.

One Response to “Evening Note:
Dianne Reeves”

  1. Nom de Plume says:

    Well, I do only know her from her recordings, and based on them I would relish misunderstanding her live performance!

    Having been away from my computer a lot the past two weeks, I’m sporadically catching up on my favorite blog, the DB. The ONLY one I read regularly.

    Why don’t you post the blog as a link with a teaser on Facebook every day? That way it is easy for me to share it with others. Is there a reason you’re not doing it?