Weekend Update:
New York Minute


Last Sunday, Megan said to Ryan, “We need to move.”

On Monday, Ryan found some good listings

On Tuesday, Megan looked at apartments, including a place that she liked.

On Wednesday, papers were processed; certified checks were drawn.

On Thursday, a lease was signed.

On Friday, keys were handed over.

On Saturday, Ryan and an excellent friend schlepped bedding and basics through torrential spring rains to the new flat. Now Will has a new home.

A New York Minute can take an entire week, but, oh, my, the changes.

2 Responses to “Weekend Update:
New York Minute”

  1. Mike ONeill says:

    for some strange reason it always rains when the O’Neills move

  2. Quatorze says:

    Think of the rain as a baptism.