Morning News: Say It Isn’t So

Two stories from today’s front page would make me gloat if I were into Schadenfreude. Or if Schadenfreude were even on offer. The first, about warning-signs of a subprime lending fiasco that were repeatedly dismissed by libertarian boytoy, Alan Greenspan; the second, about black New Orleanians who have more or less finally cut the cord with their native city in the past year, giving the white population a majority that is not unwelcome to establishment movers and shakers. Way to go, Bushies!

For further information on the appropriated image of Nicholaes Ruts, to the left,¬†check out Sir Gawain’s very provocative remarks about the novel at Heaven Tree.¬†

3 Responses to “Morning News: Say It Isn’t So”

  1. Fossil Darling says:

    Your remark about the article about New Orleans today in the Times got me to thinking that IF I were prone to believing in conspiracies , this entire scene could have unfolded as one to me : the disgraceful government inaction, Bush Mere’s remark about their being better off in a Stadium than in their homes (notice she hasn’t been off the leash much lately), the intransigence of some of the elite in not leaving and reinforcing their safety with mercenaries, the re-election of the Mayor, an incompetent, which insured the continued breakdown of government, skyrocketing rents in the remaining parts of the City, FEMA withdrawing aid and shelter, better prospects for jobs and government help in other states, and ‘poof’ ….. a radically different city, one in which the white population will regain control, which, in some ways, they never relinquished. But, who could believe in such a far-fetched theory????

  2. 1904 says:

    First of all, why the devil would even want Alan G’s soul is beyond me, but since it’s obvious Alan sold it, I can only assume that Satan isn’t picky; then I read this morning’s NBC report that subprime mortgages do NOT account for the #1 and #2 states in the foreclosure numbers, being Ohio and Michigan, where it’s not the kind of mortgages but the loss of jobs and lack of buyers — in other words, the housing market there is collapsing the old-fashioned way, from lack of money, lack of jobs, (over half a million gone since 2001), lack of opportunity, lack of hope.

  3. Yvonne says:

    Interesting comments, Fossil Darling and 1904.

    When did most people become aware of Blackwater? I first learned of them in the aftermath of Katrina. An article quoted journalists who were being prevented by a “private military group”, from filming; I specifically remember shuddering at the phrase “armed to the teeth”. Someone had at least gotten still photos of this. Which was good, because otherwise it might have been too difficult for me to imagine: in America, _mercenaries_ were managing a federal disaster area and preventing the Press from doing its job. Armed to the teeth.