Rosy-fingered Dawn stubs her thumb on Thulean Gotham.

Home. D’you know, I’m not quite so sure that it’s as good to be here as I thought it would be. If my library could have been transported to St Croix… For I did miss my books. Not to mention the music! Here I thought I’d stocked the “classical” Nano with plenty of music. Piffle! We went through it in a day or two, Così and the Goldbergs included. A Nano loaded with nothing but piano pieces would have done very nicely. That’s the sort of thing that you can play over and over…

But here we are, and my biggest question is what to do about the Book Review. If we had gotten back an hour earlier last night – at 8:30, say – I’d have knocked at the neighbor’s door and retrieved the stack of last weeks’ papers. But it was too late last night, and it’s much too early this morning. Then there’s the sale at Rochester, my mens’ clothing store. They called, while we were away, to let me know about their big Thanksgiving sale. Should I run over to have a look, even though all the goodies will have been cleaned out? Or should I stay away, because what could be more bitter than shopping for long-anticipated narrower trousers — after a week of vacation-inspired dietary abandon?

Home fat home…

One Response to “Rentrée

  1. George says:

    That those rosy fingers of dawn should one day soon find themselves on my little East Texas head as well as a larger one of Yorkville is my fondest dream. Up since way before the most industrious of my Mennonite freinds to complete the setup on a very recalcitrant Compaq Presario loaded with Vista. I’ve been away myself but in a different way, working rather than relaxing. Home fat home, indeed. Nice to have you back.