Weekend Update:
Long Weekends

I wish I were a better race horse. Pacing is everything, and my pacing is off. Long weekends throw me. Their promise of “three days off” rarely materializes. Perhaps that’s because I’m a self-employed worker who sets my own hours as a matter of course — what do I need with a day or two off, much less three. I could take every day off, if I wanted to. But that’s exactly what the problem comes down to. Because I could take the day off, I can’t.

The movie that we watched this evening was entirely Kathleen’s choice, but it’s my favorite Preston Sturges movie: The Palm Beach Story. Ordinarily, I wonder why this 1942 masterpiece doesn’t generally rate the top-ranking that I give it. But tonight I could see why it doesn’t. A movie about rich, entitled people being foolish and self-indulgent is unlikely to amuse the general public. Only people who have spent time with rich, entitled people being foolish are going to chuckle. Everyone else is going to be at least mildly offended.

I put it to you: how do you feel about the Ail & Quail Club scene? Bang bang!

One Response to “Weekend Update:
Long Weekends”

  1. RomanHans says:

    What a coincidence — I just watched “Easy Living,” written by Preston Sturges, the other night. A great, great film, and surely we’re minutes away from Kate Hudson starring in a remake.

    Was absolutely knocked out by “Of Time and the City,” though — the new Terence Davies film. A masterpiece of poetry, anger, and found footage. RJ, run, do not walk, to a theater near you.