Daily Office:


Matins: Murder will out — especially, it seems, when the criminal has been goaded by his wife. Janet Blagojevich, herself the daughter of a political mogul, “appears to be an influential and demanding partner to her husband’s schemes.”

And, in a blast of vulgar language, Ms. Blagojevich eggs on her husband when he reportedly threatens to prevent the Tribune Company from selling the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field unless The Chicago Tribune fired editorial writers who had called for the governor’s impeachment. Ms. Blagojevich is quoted in the complaint as saying that the state should “hold up that [expletive] Cubs [expletive] … [expletive] them.”

Tierce: A suit that ought never to have been entertained has been resolved more or less correctly. “Princeton Settles Money Battle Over Gift.” The heirs of 1961 donors, themselves heirs (of A & P money), challenged Princeton’s use of a $35 million gift (since considerably ballooned). The case ought to have been thrown out on its merits.


§ Matins. Watch for the feminist backlash, defending this “strong” wife against charges of overreaching. Or don’t wait: I’m betting it won’t happen.

Speaking of “happen”: it couldn’t happen in a better town.

§ Tierce. I don’t know how far you’d have to dig before finding a concerted effort supporting the plaintiffs (conservatives) against “elitist” Ivy-League universities (leftists!).

Just as you cannot force your executor to erect a statue in your memory, so I think that the strings that donors attach to their gifts ought to be snipped at their demise, at the very latest. If you really want your money to be used for a certain purpose, set up your own shop!

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