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Vincit Max: Max Mosley won his libel suit against The News of the World. The Judge, Sir David Eady, found that the newspaper’s imputation of Nazi-themed sadomasochism was bogus. He also found that Mr Mosley had a “reasonable expectation of privacy” when submitting to bodacious discipline. John J Burns reports.

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§ Vincit Max. I’ll be honest: I’ve followed this story simply because of the plaintiff’s Mitford connection (his mother was the beautiful, unrepentant Diana). It has tickled me no end to imagine what his late aunt Jessica would have had to say about the proceedings, and I can’t help wondering about the wry cracks that his living aunt Deborah has confided to her friends .

But now that Mr Mosley has won his point — and it was certainly ballsy of him to go to court; most men in his situation would have retired in disgrace — I have to say that I applaud the outcome from a purely legal standpoint. The sooner that anyone’s sexuality ceases to be grounds for sensational publicity, the better.

The ground is still wide open for the real sins that underlie “sex offenses” — hypocrisy and violence. They do not appear to have played a role in Mr Mosley’s case.

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  1. Fossil Darling says:

    I, too, applaud the verdict. Anything that punishes that vile UK press makes me happy.