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Manners: Whether or not there is any truth to the story that Senator John Edwards has fathered a “love” child with documentarian Reille Hunter (thanks, Joe), I’m far more distraught by David W Chen’s report on the bad workplace conduct of Representative Anthony Weiner of New York (Brooklyn and Queens).


Quilts: Ian Hundley designs quilts that look like World War I aerial photographs of the French countryside. Well, that’s what they look like to me.


Moses: Wow! Joe Lieberman, who addressed John Hagee’s Christians United For Israel Washington-Israel Summit yesterday, compared Rev Hagee to Moses! To think that Senator Lieberman might be our Vice President today! D’you think he’d be cuddling up to the man who blamed the devastation of New Orleans on the Big Easy’s having hosted a Pride parade?


Morning, cont’d

§ Manners. It must be our millennarian heritage, but Americans still have these issues exactly backward. I really couldn’t care less about an elected official’s sex life (so long as the state doesn’t pay any bills), but I see no reason whatsoever to wink at the kind of behavior that endears Mr Weiner to his staffers — especially because he’s an effective, right-minded congressman. His virtues serve, in the public arena, to approve his vices. And spare me the argument about “argumentative” Brooklynites. Mr Weiner needs rehab. That, or a spanking.

Talk about spin:

I sometimes hang up phones with an excess of enthusiasm after a call hasn’t gone my way.

Night, cont’d

§ Quilts. If I had one, I’d hang it, of course, instead of throwing it on the bed. I’d have to get another apartment, though, as my walls are already full, and I like everything on them.

If I were wealthy, I’d set aside a room for annual makeovers, with new art, new furnishings — everything but books and bookshelves (because they take up so much wall space) — and call it “the new room.” ( — Tea in the new room, Jeeves. — Very good, sir.) Another great thing about being wealthy: I wouldn’t have to make tea anymore. I could wait for it in the new room.

I wonder if there are rich people who, upon hiring valets or butlers or whatever, insist upon calling them “Jeeves.” (As in: — Ah, you must be the new Jeeves. — Very good, sir.)

Night, cont’d

§ Moses. Of course, bloggers were few and far between, way back in Campaign ’00. I can only imagine what the bloggers of today would have had to say about him.

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