Out and About: Kodály and Beethoven at the Met

Last Friday night, I was alone in town and in possession of a single ticket. What could be simpler? I considered staying home, though. The weather was awful (and became awfuller), and I had already been downtown to the movies. Why not take it easy? I got online for a look at the program. That was that. No way was I going to miss Beethoven’s Quintet in C.

Nevertheless, I was tired, and feeling a little decrepit. I was ready for the recital to be over the minute I got there. In order to pay attention, I had to dump any idea of relaxing comfortably. I do hate that, when my body lets me down at a concert. It hasn’t done so for a while, so the reminder that it could was unpleasant. After the interval, though, I found myself in somewhat better shape.

Interestingly, although I did not enjoy sitting through the event, I remember it quite fondly.

Musicians from Marlboro, at Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium

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