Gorgeousness Note:
Age Beauty
1 August 2019

¶ Today, in mid-80º heat, I walked to the barber shop for a haircut, thence to Shake Shack for a burger, and finally back home, without even feeling hot, much less perspiring. It wasn’t particularly humid, but still. And this can’t be a side-effect of losing 90 pounds. I sweated like a pipe when I was a kid, which I actually was, once. It has to be … old age.

Definitely a side-effect of the weight loss, though, is my slipping nicely into a new pair of shorts with a waist eight sizes smaller than what I was wearing a year ago. They’re the first pair to fit properly in calendar 2019. Everywhere but beneath the belt, they feel a bit snug, because there’s no yardage of flapping extra.

(Yes, dear reader, that’s what comes of buying clothes online. I had been wearing 50s. I knew, from an old pair of trousers that came out of storage, that 46 was still too big, but I didn’t dare go below 44. Until finally now. I ought to have gone to a store.)

Don’t get me wrong — I’m still an old man. This weight loss may be healthy, and I know that I look better for not looking worse, but the glamour of youthful fitness is no longer on the menu. 

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