Book Room Note:
Reshuffling Clutter
7 December 2018

¬∂ A banner week for the book room! The histories of commerce and finance were duly Evernoted and reshelved. The book cart was seriously reorganized for the first time since acquisition (last September). And, today, Ray Soleil and I switched the two writing tables. We did this because, sitting in my Aeron chair, I couldn’t fit my legs in the kneehole of the larger desk, and so could not use the desk for marking up drafts of the writing project.

In the process, we removed all the clutter that had gathered around and beneath the writing tables, mostly in mesh bins. As a result, while the bookroom looks spruce enough to receive a French ministre (compared, at least, to what it used to look like), the foyer is littered with all that clutter, which I now, somehow, have to purge before Christmas. 

Marie Kondo would point to the bins and remind me, quite rightly, that not a single item in any of them has been touched in the three or four years since I bought the bins. I can hear her bellowing (in her petite Japanese voice), Heave-Ho! 

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