Gaga Note:
At the Dentist
23 October 2018

ΒΆ When I go the dentist for a cleaning, it is usually late on a Tuesday afternoon. A while ago, I discovered that the technician did not care to watch TV news any more than I did. She was happy to turn it off. She says that she gets her full diet of news on the one day of the week on which she works, and by four o’clock, she’s had it. I went at three today, and instead of the news there was Ellen, with the sound off. I was asked if I’d prefer to have it turned off, but I said no β€” as long as it wasn’t making any noise, I might find it a bearable distraction. Which I sort of did. My, though, what depravity! As I took my seat, two guys, one black and one white, were gyrating in the aisles like strip-club dancers. The women in the audience (which was composed mostly but not entirely of women) responded with corresponding enthusiasm. The thought crossed my mind is that this is how ladies like their porn. Everyone remains clothed, the ratio of women to men is fifty or sixty to one, and the ecstatic shrieking is anonymously choral. The guys probably don’t mind it, either: it’s all display, and they don’t have to pay attention to anybody else.  

Later in the show, Ellen β€” Ellen DeGeneres, whom I know only as a celebrity, never having seen her in anything β€” had a guest, by the surname of Pompeo, who dispensed with the talk-show format and, pivoting in her chair, sold her shtick directly to the audience. Very brash. As for Ellen herself, she was usually covering her face, or at least her smile, in a pretense of mortification.

My only question is why it took Trump so long. His audience has obviously been groomed for years.

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