Banquet Note:
Simple Dinner
27 August 2018

On Saturday night, my last alone, I brined, battered, and fried four chicken thighs. One was on the large side, but the others were small enough so that I could eat all four. That was dinner: just the chicken and no distractions. A bit disgraceful, I’ll admit, but hardly sluggish. 

Because I did not stand over the chicken as it was a cooking, it got a bit black in places. But it was still delicious, and juicy to the point of just plain wet inside the scrumptious crust. There was just enough cayenne in the batter to intensify and prolong the aftertaste.

I dined early enough so that the peanut oil was cool enough to pour back into its plastic bottles for disposal. Everything else but the bones went into the dishwasher. 

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