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Beady: Is there any language quite so jaundiced as the English in which the British discuss the French Revolution? In the Telegraph, Anthony Peregrine conducts readers on tour of Parisian Revolutionary sites, from Tobias Schmidt’s harpsichord shop (home of the guillotine) to La Fayette’s tomb.

Americans in contrast, might be less informative on the subject, but much more interesting, as, for example, La Maîtresse.

Bon week-end a tous!


Morning, cont’d

§ Beady. As a rule, the British are almost odiously smug about having managed to avoid anything like the Terror on their own soil. Mr Peregrine winds up,

That’s it. The tour is over. You may return to the centre, perhaps now looking at Paris, and the Parisians, with a beadier eye.

Quite impossible, I should think, to get those eyes any beadier.

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