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The Transporter Problem
25 June 2013

Felix Salmon captures an article in Foreign Affairs that evaluates the considerable upside of Chinese IP piracy.

China’s huge population is still poor, and few can afford Western products. Copies of Western products, as a result, do not necessarily represent lost sales. Instead, they often serve as effective advertisements for the originals: gateway products that, in the long run, might spur demand for the real thing as China’s burgeoning middle class grows… Although shanzhai products are celebrated, those Chinese who can buy the original products generally do.

¶ How to teach bright, ambitious girls to take risks? Improv! (Telegraph; via The Morning News)

¶ Nicely angry deconstruction of a New Yorker cartoon-caption winner.(The Awl)

Tudor has tapped into and depicted the darkest recesses of the right-wing lawmaker’s mind, where his alarmist rhetoric plays out in his head. This is where he tests the limits of plausibility before going up there, in front of those C-SPAN cameras, in that empty room he once stood in on an 8th grade field trip, so awestruck he was nearly left behind by the rest of the group, and tells outright lies to the public. No amount of hot air could make a man float unless he were totally empty, no heart, no guts, no balls, no soul. He is as empty as the chamber where he foolishly believed laws were debated and made as a boy.

¶ Postcards of the still-strangest structure in London. (iamjamesward)

¶ Some lines on not espying horseshoe crabs in the moonlight. (The Bygone Bureau)

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