Open Thread Sunday:
How Much Longer?


6 Responses to “Open Thread Sunday:
How Much Longer?”

  1. jkm says:

    When I moved to the more rural US, I was told that I couldn’t get the NYT (or even the local newspaper) delivered to my door; rather, I’d have to install a newspaper box on the main road, which is a 5-10 minutes walk away. Because I am very lazy–at least first thing in the morning–I have become accustomed to reading newspapers on-line; consequently, I expect I am part of the problem, rather than the solution. That said, I really miss my Sunday morning ritual of working the NYT crossword puzzle.

  2. LTG says:

    We cannot get the Times delivered to our door here, though it’s easy enough to pickup at the store. But that minor difficulty has caused us to revert to reading it almost exclusively online. Every now and then I will pick it up on Sunday’s however since online is just not the same as the paper itself. Given the economy and the suffering newspaper industry however, I think the paper may no longer be available outside of NYC at some point in the not too distant future – or maybe only if you’re willing to pay quite a premium for it. However, I would think those of you in NYC will be able to enjoy it for some time to come. Perhaps I’m being naive, but there is still clearly some kind of market for it, not likely to vanish. I guess it will come down to whether the size of the market makes the printing a profitable option. So I do see the price going up if that is going to happen, at some point.

    Anyway, let’s check back in five years and see!

  3. Fossil Darling says:

    Isn’t it bad enough that we’re at the beginning of a terrible recession, there’s a mess in Illinois, we’ve had a dangerous Administration for 8 years, we’ve been completely let down by those sworn to ‘protect’ us (locally and nationally, both sides of the aisle), the Madoff scandal is another nail in Wall Street;s coffin — and you have to remind us of the general incompetence of Pinch Sulzberger (no, Google is not a viable investment for us, etc—yes, let’s have Renzo Piano or whoever build us an expensive tower) and the fact that I am worried sick that this important beacon of enlightenment is in serious, serious trouible………………one prayer for the New Year is for the health of the NYT Company…..

  4. jkm says:

    Dear Fossil Darling…Having lived in Chicago for 15 years (we managed to escape four years ago), the state of Illinois has always been a mess, except for the Lyric Opera which was only occasionally a mess (but mostly glorious). The city of Chicago has also always been a mess but it works, despite the corruption. That said, I do pray for the health of the NYT company because one day I shall become less of a lazy slug and will–I hope–once again get the newspaper in its printed form…

  5. Fossil Darling says:

    JKM : Did you see the NY Times article about corruption and how Fla has the most officials indicted? (It was a cursory glance, so I trust I have that correct.) What has made me furious is that it has distracted attention from the transition and allowed the braindead at the RNC to make noise. Stupid noise, but noise.

  6. jkm says:

    Fossil Darling: I did see that article (I think it was also the article that stated that, on a per capita basis, my home state of North Dakota would be considered the most corrupt, but only because the population of North Dakota (human, that is, as opposed to livestock) is so small relative to indicted public officials). It is annoying that the RNC can use the Illinois problem to make stupid noise but, frankly, I’m not surprised. It seems to me that the RNC will, at this point, grasp at any straw (however flimsy) to tarnish Obama in an attempt to distract the populace from the abysmal record of the current (and thankfully out-going) administration and the unconscionable decision by John McCain to choose Caribou Barbie as a running mate.