Pomiane Note:
Very Quick Chicken Salad
23 July 2018

ΒΆ On hand: an imperatively perfect avocado (eat it now!). Also a bit of chicken breast, simmered in savory stock and then cooled.

Not at all in the mood for: mayonnaise. So I tossed the cubed avocado and chicken in a light oil and the juice of half a lemon; and then I wondered, is this all there is?

No! What about the guacamole, Fairway’s Extra Chunky, that Kathleen and I dipped into on Friday? There was just enough left, after I scraped away all the exposed-to-air brown bits at the top of the tub, to stir into the salad. 


It was the sort of thing that, in my declining years, I wish happened more often. 

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