Dandy Note:
Reyn Spooner
13 July 2018

When our old friend Alison visited us in March, she mentioned the shirts turned out by Reyn Spooner in Hawai’i. She claimed that businessmen and professionals consider these shirts to be perfectly appropriate office attire. Curious, I looked them up after dinner, and discovered that they are indeed superior in every way to the common “Hawaiian shirt.” Although bold and colorful, they are as natty as the Madras shirts that I’ve been wearing for years.

Still, I have invested in the big, bold look before, and it has not worked for me. I decided to give Reyn Spooner a pass.

But Reyn Spooner did not give me a pass. Once I’d Googled them, I was confronted by their ads at almost every other Web site, which got to be particularly annoying at The New Yorker, where the ads, displaying rows and rows of intriguing patterns, distracted me from reading. 

Inevitably, I bought one: the Diamond Head pattern. When it arrived, it looked even better than advertised; so, inevitably, I’ve bought another one: the 50th State Flower, in crimson and yellow.

If you want to check these things out, do so in an incognito window.

Oh, and yes, of course, George Clooney wears one in The Descendants. That print is no longer available. 

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