Daily Office:



DC: Kathleen is off to Washington this afternoon. She’ll be participating in a panel discussion of the history of exemptive orders. Don’t you wish you could be there?


Fat Lady Yet To Sing: With a headline like this, you know that the story is still not over: “Top Democrats Press for Unity After Obama Secures Victory .” 

Sparkle Plenty: Happily, I don’t have to hire a service such as this. (A window washer’s blog! What will they think of next?)


Aria: Finally.


Morning, cont’d

§ DC. Actually, I rather wish that I could. I love watching Kathleen on stage (as it were). The good thing about having trained as a lawyer and having worked on Wall Street is that I usually know exactly what Kathleen is talking about. That, and a lot of after-dinner conversations.

In other travel news, my daughter and son-in-law have made their way to Entebbe. That much I know. I didn’t realize, until looking at a globe just now, that they’re practically on the Equator.

Noon, cont’d

§ Fat Lady. Maybe it’s the lawyer in all of us — me, Kathleen, Mr & Mrs Clinton — but the story isn’t over until the former First Lady says it is. Why, only yesterday, Kathleen heard rumors of a third party candidacy. Don’t doubt for a moment that it has been considered, and perhaps may still be under consideration.

§ Sparkle Plenty. This afternoon, I managed to have one of the building’s handymen come up to change the HVAC filters. That’s an annual procedure that management used to schedule: you’d get a slip of paper with a date on it, and someone had better be home or else. This year — the building is under new management — the matter was left to tenants to schedule. I’m sure I wasn’t the only tenant who stumbled around like a prisoner let out of a dungeon, unable to see.

Anyway, the vents are all beneath the windows, so as long as so much furniture is pulled away to give access to the vents, it makes sense to clean the windows. It makes sense, but it has been several years since I’ve followed through (this Weblog thingy is time-consuming!). We can still see out of the windows, if the sun is very bright. To get to the windows outside — one of the neat things about this apartment is that all the windows are accessible from the balcony — I had to clear out a pile of rubble. One thing leads to another; who knows when I’ll finish. But the place ought to be in pretty good shape when I’m through.

Having done the bedroom windows, I’m taking a breather, and watching the (so far) excellent Red Dust, Tom Hooper’s 2004 movie about a South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission proceeding, with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Hilary Swank.

Night, cont’d

§ Aria. I’ll always associate Hillary’s withdrawal with really clear windows. As in invisible. Way cool.

All sorts of ancillary messes remain to be cleaned up, but I’m taking the rest of the evening off. I’m going to watch a Marion Cotillard movie that hasn’t been released over here. Ma vie en l’air, I think it’s called.

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