Gotham Diary:
In Like Flynn
19 December 2011

Today at the DBR: About the old movies that I’ve been watching because Ethan Mordden writes about them so well in The Hollywood Studios: House Style in the Golden Age of the Movies (Knopf, 1988), which I’ve been re-reading with great delight.

The movies, and Mordden’s book,  have been welcome distractions in a dark season. I can’t seem to pace anything properly, and I’m either flying about efficiently or flattened by fatigue. I’m completely missing the peace of mind that, more than anythinig else, one wants at Christmas. I’ve even got a touch of agoraphobia (blended with an unattractive self-pity). Well, the movies may be a distraction, but reading isn’t: it’s what I want to do. That and writing. But I also want to be a good grandfather, and for that I’ve got to get off my duff.

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