Gotham Diary:
“This Is Where Betty Crocker Shot Herself”
9 December 2011

Today at the DBR: The taxi driver taking us home after the performance of Standing on Ceremony takes us for tourists — imagine! — and I have no choice but to stake my claim as a native. Richard Thomas moves us to tears, and Paul Rudnick’s lines have us in stitches. (Just reading the header of this entry crumples me with hilarity — I think that it’s a case of humor actually fermenting and becoming more potent.) What I didn’t mention was our pre-theatre snack at the Vagabond Café in Cornelia Street, a semi-self-serve bar with great panini and a group of NYU grad students who do a very passable early Dave Brubeck. How collegiate is that?

And check out the new look. We’re in the process of setting ourselves on Fire.  

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