Housekeeping Note :


As of today, I’ve been keeping the Daily Office — I think that that’s the right verb — for a month. It seems that I’ve been keeping it for a lot longer than that; and it also seems as though I just took it up last week. Although the entry’s broader outlines seem set, the internal feedback loops, by which I learn from doing something every day, have begun to pulse, and I’m ready to instigate a few external feedback loops as well, with a few Housekeeping Notes on various matters. (Today, Comments and Notifications.) Feel free to comment below or to write to me at the usual address.

I’ve been thinking a lot about comments, particularly about comments on this particular site, which happens to be written by a person with a knack for unintended intimidation. While my bigger ideas about comments continue to take shape, let me make this minuscule suggestion: When commenting on a section of the Daily Office, begin the comment with either the name of the respective Hour (Prime, Tierce, &c) or with a readily-intelligible keyword (e g, Fair Play).

Regular readers always complain when I go too long without sending out the emails that, when I send them at all, go to all persons who have ever posted comments at The Daily Blague. I certainly understand the convenience of a little reminder that there’s a new posting at the DB.

At the same time, I know that everyone’s inbox is already sufficiently cluttered without my chipping in a notice to the effect that — surprise! — I’ve posted a Daily Office entry, something that I do each and every weekday, or that I’ve added to the heap of Morning Reads. To tell you the truth, I can’t think of an interesting way to frame such notifications. I hope that it is not unnecessarily self-deprecatory to observe that the Matins postings are rarely the day’s most compelling. (Maybe they ought to be, but I can’t at present think how I might assure that.)

In short, I solicit your bright ideas. If you think that receiving a notification of every day’s Daily Office would be more useful than irritating, then by all means let me know. I’m not withholding the notifications out of laziness, I assure you.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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