Dear Diary:


Although there’s a mountain of cleaning-up to do, what I’d really like, tomorrow, is to write thank-you notes to the wonderful people who came to the party.

I had a blast — which undoubtedly means that there are at least ten New Yorkers who are thinking of never speaking to me again. (Aside from Fossil Darling.)

The absolutely coolest thing that happened — well, modesty forbids &c. But I can say, happily, that it involved those lovely little green- and red-jacketed volumes, the Loeb Classics. I quite felt that we were standing upon a peak in Darien.

One Response to “Dear Diary:

  1. Nom de Plume says:

    Abject apologies for missing the party, especially knowing I’d missed the usual mix of conviviality, intellectual stimulation, and social unpredictability that grace your events! In any event, I’m glad to know my presence wasn’t required to make the event a great success for YOU! I hope we can make it up soon. I even dreamed about you and Kathleen and the apartment last night!