Have A Look:


Whoa! Our 30th law school reunion takes place next year. It’s unlikely that we’ll go, what with one thing and another. Not that we don’t love reunions — when they take place in Manhattan! We do, after all, live in the center of the universe! Perversely, however, we went to law school within the ambit of the one town on earth (a windy, lakeside locale) that refuses to acknowledge the self-evident truth of the matter.

Our class secretary (a judge!) sent this montage out the other day, by way of dire warning. I share it with you because I photographed at least six of the eleven images, and may have taken two others. Can you tell which ones?

I know that it was supposed to be law school, but, gawd, I had fun!

2 Responses to “Have A Look:

  1. jkm says:

    I know that you took the photo that appears in the top row, left, because I was there and I remember the evening vividly, and I’m fairly confident that you took the photo that appears at the top of the center column in the top row because I was there, too. My other guesses for RJK originals: top row, center column, lower photo; second row, left; third row, right; and fourth row, right. Other possibles: top row, right; and fourth row, center. So, how did I do? And because I have volunteered to serve on the reunion committee, I shall pester you and Kathleen mercilessly to return to lovely South Bend in June for a trip down memory lane…

  2. Fossil Darling says:

    Do I espy in the camera’s eye Kathleen and also Shelley??