Weekend Update:
Huge Fight


Kathleen and I just had a huge fight. She believes — if “belief” can be attached to a reed so slender that reason cannot support it — that The Angels’ hit tune, “My Boyfriend’s Back,” from August, 1963 —  is sung by an innocent childess who has been pestered all summer by a teenage molester in whom she takes no interest. How can Kathleen possibly not see that the singer is a minx who has had her fun with some shortsighted twerp whom she is now dumping à la royale? How is it possible that Kathleen thinks that the singer is innocent, when she is obviously the worst sort of demimondaine?

Kathleen said that I ought to take a poll at The Daily Blague, so here it is — not that anyone’s going to mind. Whose side are you on, when you hear “My Boyfriend’s Back?”

(Electrolysists needn’t reply.)

It’s dreary work, being married to twerps.

Next up: a song as to the sublimity of which Kathleen and I  are in complete accord: “Easier Said Than Done.” 

3 Responses to “Weekend Update:
Huge Fight”

  1. Flather says:

    Simple. Kathleen’s.

  2. jkm says:

    I’m with Kathleen on this, too.

  3. Quatorze says:

    I think it’s a down the middle split; a presumptuous, pesky twerp annoying a mean girl who knows that revenge, in the form of an inferred Cro-Magnum boyfriend of the leather jacket persuasion, is nigh. The tragic figure in this affair is the comical and long-suffering Mr. Hood, who must constantly defend his turf and honor from would-be usurpers and also put up with the ramifications of the bored manipulations of his trophy girl. I was raised in NYC…