Bong, Defined

What made me check out the Bergen County Record? I’ll never know. “Clifton Police arrest teen drug dealer.” A very thorough report.

In the juvenile’s room, police found 20 zip-lock bags of marijuana, empty bags, a bong — a device used to smoke marijuana — and $115 in cash that belonged to him, Berdnik said. The search also turned up 21 bags of marijuana in Maloney’s sneakers and $200 that belonged to him, Berdnik said.

Detectives determined that Maloney bought the marijuana from the teen, Berdnik said.

Defendant Maloney hails from Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, which rather reminds us of Eric Blore’s version of Who’s On First.

One Response to “Constabulary:
Bong, Defined”

  1. Fossil Darling says:

    Ah, the cleaning of the bong and other such rituals…….it seems an appropriate memory for the 40th anniversary of Woodstock….