New Year’s Wish (Hint)

If Michael Bloomberg runs for prexy and wins, will he treat the White House as he has treated Gracie Mansion?

The reflexive inclination to wish everyone a Happy New Year! is muted somewhat by the recollection that 2008 brings a presidential election. After all that we’ve been through in the past seven years, the elation that one might normally feel is difficult to summon. I dare not express my fondest wish, beyond hinting that it would be great if the ceremonial occupant of the modest mansion shown above won the right to pass up another, rather more famous home on an avenue beginning with the letter “P.” The man likes town houses, it seems; didn’t the Truman’s live at Blair House?

3 Responses to “New Year’s Wish (Hint)”

  1. Fossil Darling says:

    My New Year’s wish is that it is POOF! November 5th, either the Mayor or any Democrat claims the Presidency by a handy majority, the House and Senate are safe, and, being an oink, that Pelosi is replaced as Speaker.

    Between the Kennedy assassinations and the betrayal by Clinton, I am sick of politics.

    Bob Herbert, in this morning’s Op-Ed page of the NY Times, writing about 1968, says, “But an awful lot of people tuned out after Kennedy (Robert) was killed. That seemed to be when, for so many, the hope finally died. The nation has never really recovered from the bullet that killed R.F.K.” AMEN.

    And HNY to all……

  2. 1904 says:

    Having recently been frightened by the most chilling prophecies regarding the fellow Huckabee and how he could wind up not only the GOP candidate but actually win and hence usher in an era which would make the current Reign of Terror look like the Age of Enlightenment by comparison, I was encouraged by the rumor of Monsieur le Mayor contemplating a run. Out here one is surrounded by people who think no GOP candidate has a chance, but I have been to the heartland, (worse, I have been to TEXAS), and I am neither so confident nor naive.
    But mostly I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful shots of Gracie Mansion and Park and Gracie Square environs, of which I have many fond memories and pleasant associations, not limited to my stint as Miss Jean Brodie.
    Plus I agree with F.D. above. It was 1968. Plus four dead in Ohio in 1970.
    Happy New Year…

  3. k8croy says:

    The Trumans (to answer the questions posed by RJK) lived in Blair House while the Portico was being added to the White House. It was at Blair House that Puerto Rican nationalists attempted to assassinate HST. In 1948, there was a campaign button that read: “Truman Was Screwy to Build a Porch for Dewey.” But Truman got to sit on the porch while Dewey took a backseat, though an honorable one, in history.