Housekeeping Note:
Cross Purposes


As a reward of sorts, my Red Letter Day (yesterday) was concluded by an outage at this site’s server. I don’t mean to sound too ironic; I really did make the most of the setback.

Having revived the habit of copying all work to the clipboard before attempting to save it in cloudland, I did not lose the diary entry, and so was able to post it, complete with banner, at Portico, where a re-think of the opening page, previously headed “Vestibule,” had not made much progress. I’m going to try to make another habit of cross-posting diary entries at both places, with the hope that dear readers will make a note of the Portico address. Portico is housed at an entirely server, so it’s very unlikely that The Daily Blague and Portico will be unavailable at the same time.

You will find Portico at www.

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