Slope, with Caribbean Obbligato


Here we are on St Croix, and in a particularly lovely corner of St Croix, too. After a somewhat rocky night, we got ourselves to JFK on time for the 6:30 plane (we were there before five, actually). The flights, to San Juan and then to Frederiksted, were gloriously uneventful, with only patches of turbulence. For once, I actually slept on a plane – passed out, would be more like it. Kathleen stayed awake, and is napping now.

We installed ourselves at the Buccaneer almost entirely without fuss.* Wireless access to the Internet presented itself without a burp of recalcitrance. The Nano – my Nano, the one that’s stocked with classical music – is tootling away at Handel’s Concerti Grossi, Op 6, by ancient tradition our weekend wakeup music. (Kathleen always says, “There’s something different about this performance,” even though it was years before I had two complete recordings and almost as many more before I had three.) The camera is working. Well, aside from the music, you can see all of that for yourself.

I’m going to get back to Colin Wells’s rather swashbuckling but unquestionably informative history world impact of Byzantine culture, Sailing From Byzantium. And there is the Book Review to finish. Did I say “finish”? I meant to say, “start.”

We’re down for dinner in the main dining room – a covered, open-air terrace – at 7:30. If you hear me snorning between now and then, don’t giggle and wake me up.

* In fact, if there was any fuss, I don’t recall what it was about.

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