At My Kitchen Table: Pound Cake

Rump of pound cake, baked in a brioche mold.

Right after this pound cake came out of the pan, I took what I thought were a couple of nice pictures. But someone had fiddled with the camera (I wonder who), and although the camera flashed it didn’t capture any visible images. By the time I figured all that out, I was left with this (still tasty) rump, which I’ve gobbled down in preparation for our departure this morning for Thanksgiving break.

Having a pound cake on hand, especially during the cooler months, is a great virtue. Just looking at the thing will fill you with a sense of well-being. But don’t look too long: cut yourself a slice and enjoy it with a nice cup of tea. Stare out the window and refrain from multitasking.

Although no one will admit it, pound cake and madeleines are extremely similar.

ΒΆ Pound Cake.

One Response to “At My Kitchen Table: Pound Cake”

  1. LXIV says:

    It’s the little humped scallop shell shape of the madeleine that makes all the difference to the taste…

    Thanks for the recipe; it is always good to have a good basic recipe from a trusted source.