Friday Fronts: Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama

On the cover of the current issue of The Atlantic, there’s one of those great big portraits that’s composed of many much smaller images – except it isn’t; it just looks like one. In fact, it is an image of Barack Obama superimposed on a scrim of many much smaller images. Don’t ask me what they were thinking at the magaine, but the result suggests that they couldn’t be bothered to do it. And the headline – “Why Obama Matters – is even more wearisome. “Oh, that Atlantic,” I muttered to myself as I brought up the mail.

But although Andrew Sullivan can be shocking and even offensive, he is still a long way from boring or predictable. And his idea about Mr Obama is well worth mulling over.

Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama, in The Atlantic.

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One Response to “Friday Fronts: Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama”

  1. Fossil Darling says:

    LXIV and I listened with interest to the podcast about Obama and Sullivan.

    I am in the camp of shutting my ears to all the noise and hullabaloo and wishing it were over. I will vote for whomever the Democrats put up. I have always thought the Richardson/Obama ticket a good idea. But however I feel about Hillary and extending the unholy, and I think totally unhealthy, string of Bushes and Clintons in the Casa Blanca, I will vote for her. And I think she wins the Dems’ nomination and squeaks by in November, because by the fall of 2008, if I’m reading the tea leaves correctly, the economy will be the issue and we’re back to 1992, when Bush pere lost, despite a successful “war” the year before, over the economy.