Friday Fronts: Jim Holt and Matthew Scully on the Press – Indirectly

Catching up with magazines this week, I came across two pieces that, while no longer strictly current, seem worthwhile to look at together. One is Jim Holt’s essay, “It’s the Oil, Stupid,” in the next-most-recent – current on this side of the Atlantic – issue of the London Review of Books. The other, which appears in September’s issue of The Atlantic (I can’t find October’s anywhere, but I’ve got the big fat sesquicentennial issue*), is Matthew Scully’s outing of his fellow Bush-regime speechwriter, Michael Gerson, as a credit hog (“Present at the Creation“).

Jim Holt and Matthew Scully on the American Press – Indirectly, in the London Review of Books and The Atlantic.

* Am I crazy to think that the only people who are truly comfortable with the word “sesquicentennial” were childhood philatelists?


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