A serene view of the loony bin, don’t you think?

Kathleen will be away every weekend this month. To be sure, I’ll be away with her for two of them, around Thanksgiving. But that’s even worse: that means that I’ll have to travel, too. So I begin the month with the solemn wish that I could give it a pass, and wake up in December. (Although Kathleen will be away the first weekend in December, too.)

Did I just say December? Christmas? During the summer, I thought that I just might be ready for Christmas when it came round, but, now that November is here, I’m not so sure. I haven’t done anything about Christmas cards – that’s always Step One. And Kathleen and I haven’t decided whether to re-launch the Christmas Day at-home that we hosted earlier in the decade. And will we have a tree?

It’s a familiar split. Half of me believes that, if I take a deep breath and think as clearly as I can, I’ll be able to devise a satisfying but not arduous plan for Christmas. And half of me wants to run away.

(I’m struck by how willing I am to settle for “satisfying” these days. “Satisfying” is good. For one thing, it is often about as good as things get. It makes a far more realistic objective than “wonderful” or “unbelievable.” Beyond that, though, it’s about all I can take. Anything that’s better than “satisfying” is really too much!)

And, mind you – we don’t do Christmas presents anymore! It’s not as though we had that to worry about!

Having broken my neck in September, of course, I have a perfect excuse not to do anything at Christmas. Seeing that my life has not so much returned to normal as re-launched in New and Improved form, it’s a totally bogus excuse, but it still sounds good, and nobody would dare argue with it.*  Kathleen least of all. If you think that I’m skittish about Christmas – !

And, if we have a tree, can we put up the nice ornaments? When Kathleen’s father retired, and her parents downsized, Kathleen came into a small treasure of beautiful old glass ornaments. They might be worth a great deal, but probably not to us. (It’s the difference between “used,” as they are in our hands, and “antique,” in a dealer’s.) If Kathleen has no intention of peddling them at eBay, though, she’s also disinclined to hang them on spindly spruce branches from which they might be knocked by clumsy visitors, or tumbled by a faulty tree stand.

When did we last have a tree? The old Daily Blague doesn’t cast much light on the matter. It has seen three Christmases come and go without leaving a record. Certainly there have been no snapshots. I wonder if Kathleen will remember… and if she’ll let me use at least a few of the good ornaments this year.

If, that is, we have a tree.

* People would be far more likely to think that I’m deluded about the “New and Improved” part.

5 Responses to “Christmas?

  1. Yvonne says:

    I like the photo very much–the combination of that cold foreground, the pretty water, and the golden glow of the buildings.

    Perhaps you could take some nice photos of the glass ornaments and post them over the holidays…?

  2. LXIV says:

    Perhaps you can get PPOQ to pick up a tree like the ones we got for Maria, and have him help set it up for your ornaments…. Be forwarned, a tree of stature, which is not spindly, requires ROOM.

  3. Nom de plume says:

    My childhood tree was similary to Kathleens dressed with sundry glass ornaments and little white lights, this during an era when bulbous colored lights ruled. It was a Victorian delight. I’d be happy to take few off your hands as I am bereft of any Christmas decorations at all in my also New and Improved slimmed down life.

  4. Nom de plume says:

    I hate that I can’t post and review my comments for typos. Post and poof!

  5. LXIV says:

    I second Nom de plume’s lament about not being able to catch typos.

    As to the tree, I haven’t put one up for some years, chiefly because the rising tide of possessions has long ago crested and swamped any space the tree might have reasonably occupied. Yet, for some reason, perhaps in deference to the Ghost of Christmas Past, I have continued to collect ornaments. I almost dread the day of reckoning when I will have room for a tree large/strong enough to hold them all – and then be forced to pull them all out and hang them…