The other day, I finished reading Alexander Waugh’s Fathers and Sons, and came away thinking that the Waughs are almost as interesting a dynasty as the Mitfords – although with the Mitfords the magic was confined to a single brilliant generation of sisters. As it happens, Evelyn was a good friend of Diana’s right at the beginning of his career; he dedicated his masterpiece, Vile Bodies, to her – having read sheets of it to her during her confinement (in the West End, while she was pregnant; not at Holloway). Later, he got to be good friends with Diana’s older sister, Nancy. and their correspondence, which has been published, is great fun to read. So politically incorrect! Worse than Mad Men, even!

My Mitford page is getting to be too lengthy, and undoubtedly the current file will one day be reduced to a menu leading to many others.

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