Video Note:
True Love


Washing up after this evening’s dinner with Ms NOLA and M le Neveu, I seized on Witness For the Prosecution for quick entertainment, knowing that it would be sharp and clever from the start — so that I could turn it off when I needed to do so.

(Did I say “knowing”? I’ve just spent fifteen minutes trying to copy this clip from the latest version of Corel’s WinDVD. As usual, I might add.)

About two minutes after husband-and-wife team Charles Laughton and Elsa Lanchester made their first appearance, I realized that Fossil Darling and I have been playing these roles ever since 1963. Both of us, shifting back and forth between the barrister and his nurse. We’re always ready with Lanchester’s officious helpfulness; we know what’s best for Patient! Sometimes — quite often! — we are both Laughton: “Oh, shut up!”

[Someday] I’ll snatch her thermometer and plunge it through her shoulderblades.

That’s why Michael’s sainted mother, and now Kathleen, would/will say, “Oh, you two!”

2 Responses to “Video Note:
True Love”

  1. Fossil Darling says:

    Oh, Ducky, you made me laugh, here at the House of Value………..

  2. LXIV says:

    Oh, you two too