Friday Movies:
Quantum of Solace


As story goes, Quantum of Solace is something of a subprime mortgage. But as long as Daniel Craig parkours about the concrete and indulges in all the other Bond 2.0 pursuits, default is always a touchscreen away. And, for once, a Bond with chemistry! I don’t mean with the girl. I mean with M! I can’t help wondering what The Mother would have been like if Dame Judi had taken Anne Reid’s role.

Maybe I’ll understand it the second time.

3 Responses to “Friday Movies:
Quantum of Solace

  1. jkm says:

    You said: ‘The very fact that I think of them as rides may anticipate the news that I like the ones that feature Roger Moore the best; with their tongue’s planted so firmly up against their teeth, I can at least feel that I’m in on the joke.’ My sentiments exactly. My personal favorite is ‘Live and Let Die’–the boat chase scene is hysterical.

  2. Fossil Darling says:

    Well, the Bond movies. I have seen them all repeatedly and other than the impossible George Lazenby have found some merit in all the leads….the one I like least is Dalton; he cannot pull off the one-liners…….I love “For Your Eyes Only” as the heroine is beyond beautiful, (Carole Bouquet). and I always liked the General Gogol character and his nonchalance at the end of the movie. I also liked Pierce Brosnan; he had the right mix of sex appeal and insouciance. Did you know that Brosnan’s late wife was featured in “For Your Eyes?” She played the fake Countess killed on the beach……

    As for Mr. Craig, he is impressive, if a bit dour. He was interviewed and said they were trying to link the story-line of Casino Royale to Quantum. Uh huh. I am not sure if it worked but I enjoyed it. I also want to see it again……..

    But, either Goldfinger or From Russia remain the gold standard for me, with Thunderball and the marvelous Adolfo Celi a runner-up.

  3. Garry says:

    It’s only offensive if you think there’s soehnmitg negative about being portrayed as a self-harmer.I’m more irritated about them being navel-gazing, middle class whingers who just happen to be going through adolescence.By the way: religion=fundamentalist Muslims are scary.Age=old people are a bit more conservative than the rest of us.Gender=women are useless at most things that require motor functions, including handjobs.Rob=amusingly oversensitive MCR fan.