In the Book Review:
The 10 Best Books of 2008


The Times’s choice of the year’s ten best books has already been discussed (in Matins).

While I think I see what Ed Champion means about a different tone in this week’s Book Review, I can’t agree that the issue is all that it could be. Non-walker DT Max’s review of Geoff Nicholson’s book about walking still has me hiccuping.

2 Responses to “In the Book Review:
The 10 Best Books of 2008”

  1. Yes, what an odd choice for a reviewer of a book on walking!

  2. Francis says:

    littlehorse 说道:He he, welcome to the word of wsreprdos. I didn’t expect someone would come here to make a comment so soon, so you’re the first one to say sth here. I just begin to learn it and have a lot of fun, hope you’ll enjoy it!