In the Book Review:
Lucky George


Talk about a book that needs no review! If George, Being George is anything like the oral biographies that George Plimpton produced, it will be impossible to put down. The sense of gossip becoming myth right before your eyes is electrifying. Graydon Carter is the exactly-right reviewer.

Also of interest is David Orr’s thoughtful essay on the career of Ted Hughes, as reflected in his very readable Letters.

ΒΆ Lucky George.

One Response to “In the Book Review:
Lucky George”

  1. jkm says:

    Our copy of ‘George, Being George’ arrived today and my spouse has been reading selected passages aloud. Hilarity reigns. I, however, won’t get to read it in its entirely for awhile because I am in the midst of another of your recommendations–‘The Go-Between,’ which I’m enjoying very much. So thanks for that.