Wedding Note:
The Lovely Day

The O’Neill men: Mike, Ryan, and Brendon.

When Megan and Ryan got married in April, at City Hall, the day was strictly DIY. The happy couple snagged a breakfast reservation at Balthasar, and found out what they needed to know before going upstairs to the Department of Love (since relocated from the Municipal Building to the old DMV space on Worth Street). We winged the rest of it. The perfect spring day did the caterer’s job to perfection, arranging for a leisurely walk down to the Battery, where we spent the afternoon on a patio overlooking the harbor, and savored a few hours of la dolce vita.

At the start, however, Megan and Ryan planned to get married in November with all the traditional fixings: a white dress, bridesmaids and groomsmen, a caterer, a DJ, and plenty of family. (There were no friends who weren’t “family,” no adults who hadn’t watched the bride or the groom — the wife or the husband, technically — grow up.) They chose a venue in the Garment District, now an airy loft with huge, immaculate windows. Tuxedos were rented and a hair stylist retained. It was everything that a wedding ought to be — completely without any Bridezilla touches.

As a member of the wedding, zooted out in coral vest and tie, I felt that it would be somewhat déclassé to run around taking pictures. I also knew that the professional photographer would do a much, much better job. So we’ll wait to see what he’s got. Facebook friends can see the pictures that Ms NOLA posted yesterday.

In fact, Megan wants to see my picture of her husband and his father and brother, so I’d better wrap this up now.

3 Responses to “Wedding Note:
The Lovely Day”

  1. LXIV says:

    Seen separately, the O’Neill men seem very different, but together, the similarities are remarkable.

  2. Fossil Darling says:

    A gloriously happy day…………

  3. Tony says:

    Congrats, once again to the bride and groom as well as the parents thereof.