Daily Office:


Matins: The other day, writing about The Seagull, I came across a commercial term paper site. I had forgotten that they’re out there. This morning, I see that Jason Kottke set up a poll yesterday about paying for term papers in high school — an option that didn’t exist in my day. What would I have done?

Tierce: In honor of Joe Wurzelbacher and the American Dream, I think it’s best to take a break from the Blogosphere — lest I say anything that I’ll regret.


§ Matins. I’d have thought about selling term papers on the Internet, that’s what I’d have done. And I’d have gotten caught.

§ Tierce. I’m going read, lie low, and look forward to tonight’s Orpheus concert at Carnegie Hall: the simple life.

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  1. Max says:

    Hah, but in true sleazy Republican propaganda-machine fashion, “Joe” the “Plumber” is not a plumber, nor a Joe, nor an independent.