Daily Office:


Matins: One thing that I thought about all weekend was how much I agreed with Arianna Huffington about Sarah Palin: Democrats must forget that she exists.

Tierce: Even though you probably don’t want to read about mortgages — especially on a Monday morning —the refreshingly cogent Floyd Norris assesses Feddie Fran.

Nones: Cake Wrecks goes meta: readers are creating their own disasters! “We ‘read’ your ‘blog’,” says one, highlighting Jen’s pet peeve, inappropriate quotation marks.  

Vespers: Thanks to JR at Mnémoglyphes, I’ve discovered a new blog, Project Sidewalk. Don’t miss the Procrastination Flowchart (with its chuckling plethora of foreclosed alternatives.

§ Matins. Nobody knows better that Arianna Huffington, after all, that “Americans love the outsider plucked from obscurity.” That’s why I call Ms Palin “the Infernal Machine.” If Democrats look too closely at her obvious lack of qualifications, it will cost them the election.

§ Tierce. Mr Norris provides our thought for the day:

Remarkably, the country that prides itself on being the beacon of free enterprise finds itself with a financial system that needs government money to finance the most important asset most Americans will ever own.

The “home of the brave”? Or the land of the reckless?

§ Nones. But don’t miss this catastrophe: what was supposed to be a stack of Tiffany- blue boxes wound up, instead, an indistinct heap of green and white. Although my heart goes out to the disappointed bride, I have to confess that it’s the hope of witnessing this kind of failure that keeps me coming back to the site. That may be because this was my first Cake Wreck.

It’s interesting that the intentional wrecks still look invitingly edible, unlike the various anatomical monstrosities that have scrolled  before our eyes since this fantastic site was launched.

§ Vespers. I signed up for something called the “Blog Catalog,” too. Hope I wasn’t being a dummy.

2 Responses to “Daily Office:

  1. Fossil Darling says:

    Tierce : Mortgage bail-out. The Treasury is earning a hefty return as a reward for the lack of Congressional oversight on two mortgage agencies run amuck. Hmmmmm……..something is very amiss……

  2. Fossil Darling says:

    Re : Matins. The Democrats. Yesterday I found myself increasingly anxious at the thought that the American people could elect McCain and Palin. How anxious, you ask? Anxious enough to ponder if it is too late to claim Nicaraguan citizenship.