Justice Note:
“Vengeance Is Mine”
14 August 2019

¶ I, for one, read of Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide with relief. Those who say that he has thwarted the course of justice by denying his victims the change to confront him “eye to eye” — as someone in the Times sanctimoniously put it — well, I don’t know how such people can get out of bed and look at themselves in the mirror. All I’m saying is that St Paul laid down a very different law for Christians. (Romans 12:19) I believe that there is a corresponding passage in Deuteronomy. Listening to the lamentations of pious prosecutors, it’s clear that something is out of whack with Anglophone justice. 

Such high-and-mightiness does not, however, become me. I’m simply pleased that, by removing himself from the scene, Epstein, in addition to sparing us all a mortifying and most unedifying spectacle, will almost certainly have facilitated investigations into the other denizens of his sordid milieu. While we wait, Connie Bruck’s very long piece in The New Yorker and Andrew O’Hagan’s impishly brief one in the LRB make for rich reading. Pray that your name isn’t in Epstein’s little black book, and pray extra hard that, if it does, there’s only one phone number, not the sixteen that Epstein had for Randy Andy!

What I still don’t understand is why Leslie Wexner has not fleshed out, with a public statement, his intramural claim that Epstein bamboozled him. Isn’t one supposed to report massive fraudulence to the authorities?  

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