Rep Note:
Pork Chops
8 May 2019

ΒΆ For a long time, I followed a pork-chop recipe from Classic Home Cooking, but I gave it up because I got tired of the meat’s toughness, which suggested structural elements. I didn’t look for another recipe because I already eat plenty of pork β€” cured. Nevertheless, the niche occupied by Pork Chops With Oranges remained naggingly empty. I gave it another try.

Then I decided to have a look at the Internet. Classic Home Cooking calls for sliding the prepared pork chops β€” spread with grainy mustard, sprinkled with brown sugar, and topped with peeled slices of navel orange and their juice β€” right into a hot oven, and leaving them there for thirty-five minutes, basting occasionally. No such method was in evidence online. Instead, the pork chops (after brining) were to be seared in a hot skillet and then roasted in the hot oven, but only for ten minutes at the most. If I want to give this method a try, while retaining the mustard and the oranges, do I spread the pork chops with mustard before searing or after? I can think of arguments both ways, so the only thing to do is to trying spreading the mustard on first and seeing how that works. 

The pork chops go well with rice, and the rice goes well with the orange-mustard sauce. 

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