Medical Note:
Remicade No More*
29 March 2019

I went to see the rheumatologist today, and, as I expected, he declined to prescribe Remicade or anything else for what ails me, which he believes may well be “mechanical” — not attributable to any immune-system disorder. My alimentary canal appears to be working as well as ever without any outside help, and although my shoulders and upper back are painfully stiff, I’m fine everywhere else. It occurred to me after the appointment — too late to mention to the doctor — that the loss of fifty pounds in less than three months’ time might have had an adverse effect on sporadically stretched and strained upper-body muscles (unlike those in my legs, which, when not at rest, are simply carrying the same old me around). But this is armchair medicine, and I need a confab with the internist.

I ought to have gone down to the third floor, for the blood tests and the xrays that the doctor ordered. But I’ve had enough of hospitals and waiting rooms at the moment, so I’ll go back at some point during the next six weeks (at the end of which the rheumatologist wants to see me again).

Instead, I stopped off at the Infusion Therapy Unit, to say hello/goodbye to Sara, the only nurse who was already posted there fifteen years ago, when my infusion began. I shall think of her often. 

*For the time being.

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