Texting Note:
6 March 2019

¶ This morning, I received an intriguing text from an unknown source — “not in your contacts,” the iPhone warned.  

Here’s the message:

I have gone through memory lane and read some of the letters I’d written to you. I was so pretentious! I am so sorry for being the person that I was when I wrote to you.

The only person I could think of who might have had reason to write such a letter was — me. Me, myself, and I.

It could have been addressed to almost anyone with whom I’ve ever had a correspondence.  

But what at first looked like a bizarre attempt at phishing turned out to have been sent by someone I did know, someone with whom I had fallen out of touch and for whom I had not created a contact. So! Even if I should not have phrased my apology quite like that, I could certainly see how we had gotten to be friendly.

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