New Normal Note:
20 February 2019

ΒΆ Until I can resume walking wherever and whenever I want to, I shall have to be content with being free once again to jump in the shower as desired.

In the hospital, I was always hooked up to something, and, when I got home, I had to keep the PICC line dry. (It took a while to work up the courage to experiment with cling wrap.) Used to at least one and usually two showers a day, I thought I would mind doing without them more than I did. I suppose that it was part of being sick. But I began to long for a rinse toward the end. 

Now I don’t have to give it a thought. 

I’ve also returned to regular clothes. As noted, I’ve given up drink; have my trousers taken it up? They’re all so fat! They fall down until I can cinch them with a belt, which is not so easy. Ray Soleil says that I look like a garbage bag, at the waist anyway. Even Kathleen thinks it’s funny. But everyone agrees: “Don’t buy any new clothes.” Who knows which way I’ll settle? 

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