Bedding Note:
28 January 2019

ΒΆ For many years, we have covered our bed with a hobnail-pattern white cotton spread from the Vermont Country Store. Every once in a while, we have to buy a new one β€” I use them as blankets.

Until very recently, we had a rather high queen-size bed. It was so high that only a king-size bedspread would graze the floor. The bed, as noted in earlier entries, began to fall apart about fifteen years ago. When we replaced it last fall, the mattress dropped a bit closer to the floor, but was still high enough to require Kathleen to climb aboard. The bedspread’s tassels, however, puddled on the floor, and got very dirty. I thought that I had better order a queen-sized spread.

I did, and it took forever to get here, what with the holidays and back-ordering. I didn’t open it up until today. And what do I find but that the tassels barely cover the side-rails. Kathleen’s battery of under-the-bed storage boxes is plain to see. Actually, in order to see it, you have to be in the bedroom in a noticing frame of mind. Nevertheless, instead of throwing the old bedspread away, as I was going to do, I took it downstairs for laundering. That will cost a fortune, but less than another new bedspread.

We have noticed that other people’s beds are getting lower β€” I can’t look at a low bed without being seized by phantom backache β€” and now we know by how much.

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