Thought Note:
17 December 2018

“Why is anybody a racist?” Kathleen asked.

Strictly speaking, no one is a racist, because there is no such thing as race. If it is understood, however, that “race” is simply a scientific-sounding way of referring to “people who don’t look or act like us,” and that nobody likes to be in a minority, then almost everybody is a racist, and I said so.

“Think about it,” I said. “You might say that you’re not a racist because you’re too well educated; you’ve had racism schooled out of you. But the truth is that, as a result of your schooling, you don’t like to be around stupid or uneducated people. Like everybody, you can take one or two stupid or uneducated people at a time — you might even enjoy their company. But you would be uncomfortable in a room full of them. Education simply changed the center of your comfort zone.”

Just trying to make sense of these uncomfortable times.  

“I suppose,” said Kathleen doubtfully. 

Holiday Advisory:

Yesterday was Beethoven’s birthday. It’s okay now to play Christmas carols. 

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