Rep Note:
Ham ‘n’ Cheese Redux
11 December 2018

¶ I’ve grown terribly tired of sandwiches. It’s the bread. I can’t find the right bread. The problem is, I’m looking for a bread that doesn’t taste like bread.

Or I was.

Some time ago, I began stocking Fairway’s pastries — palmiers, almond danish rolls, and, when available, croissants. The croissants are good, but of course they’re not fresh, as in right-out-of-the-oven fresh, so they’re a bit heavy and dull. But if you slice one in half (equatorially, as it were), and spread on plenty of mayonnaise and a soupçon of mustard, and then pile on thin slices of ham — my favorite ham at the moment is Schaller & Weber’s Swedish ham — and Swiss Swiss cheese (not that French Emmenthaler, which is also pretty heavy and dull), the result is not just a convenience but a genuinely appealing sandwich. 

Be sure to wear an apron, to spare your clothes the shower of flaky, buttery crumbs.

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