Retail Note:
Envelope, Please
29 November 2018

¶ Our calendars have arrived. Every year, Kathleen composes a spiral-bound calendar, a little more than eight inches by four, and has them printed by an Internet outfit; we send them out as holiday cards. The 2019 calendars arrived today. They look great.

The thing is, the Internet outfit doesn’t sell matching envelopes. Kathleen has searched the site in vain. For years, I went to Staples to buy bubble envelopes — the bubbles aren’t really necessary, but you can’t readily get envelopes in the right size without them — but now I order them from Amazon. I take a few to the Post Office, to find out what the postage is going to be, and then I buy a lot of stamps. That and the purchase of a Christmas tree are my seasonal chores.  

But why oh why aren’t the envelopes more conveniently available? How do the calendar printers think their patrons distribute the things? In person? Tell me I’m missing something, and then tell me what it is. Please.

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